The City of La Porte City periodically receives complaints from citizens on a variety of issues, and has established the following complaint policy and form to ensure the fair and efficient handling of complaints.

Complaint Procedure:

  1. Any City staff or elected officials receiving a complaint from a citizen will ask the person to complete a City Complaint Form.  No complaint will be considered unless and until a complaint form is completed and submitted to the City Clerk or their designee.
  2. City Clerk will review and add references from the Code of Ordinances if applicable.
  3. Complaints dealing with violations of the City Code of Ordinances will be routed to the designated City staff person for investigation and possible further action.
  4. Complaints dealing with City personnel or procedures will be forwarded to the proper department head and the Mayor for investigation and possible further action.
  5. Complaints that cannot be resolved will placed on the Council agenda for consideration.
  6. When a complaint is resolved, the department head, or elected official will complete the complaint resolution section of the form and return it to the City Clerk for filing.
  7. If a complaint is determined to be unfounded, no new complaints regarding the same nuisance will be accepted on that property for a period of 180 days. This does not apply to complaints regarding weeds, junk or junk vehicles.