Library Board of Trustees

The Hawkins Library Board of Trustees consists of six members – five of which reside in the City limits and are appointed by the Mayor with Council approval, and one member that resides in rural Black Hawk County, appointed by the Mayor with County Board of Supervisors approval. Duties of these officers is to direct and control all affairs of the Library some of which includes holding regular meetings, hiring of staff, purchases and record keeping. This group meets regularly on the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:30pm at Hawkins Memorial Library located at 308 Main Street.

Members are appointed to 6 year terms.

Name Term Expiration
Susan Deaton 7/1/2024
Hollie Hegdahl 7/1/2024
Julie Johnson 7/1/2026
Teresa Vopelak 7/1/2026
Renee Jesse 7/1/2029
Heather Chingren 7/1/2029